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Buying more than $25,000 CAD? Check outBeaver Plaid.

Build your
future with bitcoin

Beaver Bitcoin is the best way to buy and hold bitcoin in a wallet you control.

Buy Bitcoin instantly via Interac e-Transfer or set up a weekly buy from your bank account. We convert your bank transfers into bitcoin and deliver directly to your personal Bitcoin wallet.

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We're Still Early

And it's never been easier

Dollars are losing value as trillions more are printed each year. Bitcoin remains the only instance of absolute digital scarcity. Backed by the biggest network effect, proof of work security, and oceans of liquidity.

Bitcoin is just getting started.

How It Works

Beaver turns dollars from your bank account into bitcoin in your wallet.

Buy up to $1000 of bitcoin, instantly. Get verified for higher daily limits.

Quick IconQuick Setup

Less than two minutes from signup to your first purchase.

The only fully-automated bitcoin buy in Canada, directly from your bank account.

Our low 1.5% fee is competitive with the best Bitcoin prices in Canada. No hidden spread.

Keys IconYour Keys

Bitcoin is delivered to your own wallet where only you control the keys.

A concierge service for individuals and businesses buying more than 25,000 CAD.


Your keys, your coins

Avoid custodial risk. Setting up a bitcoin wallet is easier than creating a new email. For beginners, we provide aquick-start guide requiring only a pen, notepad and smartphone.

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A proven way to grow your stack

Bitcoin is volatile. Forget about trading or trying to time the market. Beaver offers a fully-automated recurring buy direct from your bank account. Just stack and save.

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A new world awaits. Join the sound money revolution.

What people are saying onApollo

  • It just works

    I love everything about Beaver Bitcoin, from its super simple UI, clear e-transfer process, straightforward KYC experience and transparent fees. Happy to recommend it to my family and friends.

  • DCA BTC + Self Custody = Win!

    I had been looking for a way to dollar cost average (DCA) buy bitcoin (BTC) to a self-custodied wallet, with funds withdrawn automatically from my Canadian bank account for years. The team at Beaver Bitcoin made this straightforward and frictionless.

  • Easiest non-custodial Bitcoin only exchange

    Smooth on-boarding, simple, easy to use UI, fair fees, good pricing. Beaver Bitcoin is the straight forward way for Canadians to stack sats the right way, in a non-custodial manner. Beaver Bitcoin is by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. Highly recommend.

  • I prefer Beaver

    Love Beaver Bitcoin! Takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and every single buy was smooth. Self storage. Recurring is easy too. Great team.

  • First time buying Bitcoin

    GREAT service, prompt and deliberate. Fantastic way to get your Bitcoin, especially for first timers!

  • The Perfect Platform for Bitcoin Savers

    Love this platform! Very simple and exactly what I’m looking for - an easy place to smash buy bitcoin whenever I want, without having to manually deposit or withdraw my funds. It’s all one seamless transfer.

  • A great way to self custody and DCA for Canadians

    Seamless process and encourages self custody. No shitcoins. Excellent customer service. Easy and simple to use even for beginners.

  • Making buying bitcoin a breeze

    Beaver Bitcoin stands out for its minimalist design and very straight forward UI that makes the process of buying bitcoin and taking custody a breeze. Simply use e-transfer to send fiat to beaver and it sends bitcoin to an address you control - and its all done in minutes.

  • The Easiest Recurring Bitcoin Buy In Canada

    Beaver is non-custodial. Meaning when you send them money, they send bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet. There is never an IOU. It is simple and easy to use.

  • Great Non Custodial Service

    I like that it’s a non custodial service. Easy to use and great for DCA’ing.

  • A simple and safe way to buy bitcoin

    Excellent service and honest to a fault which is a rare trait in the crypto space. I can’t say enough positive things about this service.