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Make a Recurring Bitcoin Purchase (DCA)

Set up a recurring bitcoin buy from your Canadian bank account, also known as bitcoin dollar cost averaging or DCA for short.

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Recurring Bitcoin Purchase Details

Beaver’s recurring bitcoin buy allows you to easily set a fully automated weekly bitcoin purchase from your bank account.

Fully automated: Funds are withdrawn from your bank account weekly via preauthorized debit, exchanged into bitcoin and delivered to your Bitcoin wallet address.

Pause your buy at any time.

SPEEDEvery 7 days
MIN - MAX$100 - $250

How to make a recurring Bitcoin purchase with Beaver


Sign up and provide a Bitcoin wallet address

We’ll quickly verify your identity and ask you for a Bitcoin wallet address for where you want your bitcoin delivered.


Enter your bank account details

From enter your bank account details including numbers for account, institution and transit.


Set your weekly buy amount

Your first bank withdrawal will happen within 24 hours of confirming your recurring buy. After seven days we’ll exchange your funds into bitcoin then deliver to your wallet, then the process repeats.


Confirm your bank account details

Before we activate your buy we’ll reach out to confirm your bank account details. For this we kindly ask you to forward an image of an account statement, blank cheque or screenshot of your account details screen.

Keep your Bitcoin safe

Secure your bitcoin in self-custody using a Bitcoin wallet that meets your needs for security and ease of use.



BlueWallet is a free mobile wallet available for Android and iOS.




Jade by Blockstream is a secure and user friendly hardware wallet.




Coldcard is an ultra-secure, open source hardware wallet, made in Canada.




Blockstream Green is intuitive desktop wallet software for Mac, Linux or PC users.


Why Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the best form of money the world has ever seen. With a fixed supply of 21 million coins, Bitcoin is more scarce than gold, yet can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world near instantly. As an open-source and decentralized protocol native to the internet, Bitcoin is immune to the whims of governments and central banks.

In the past, people have used homes, stocks, bonds and even art to save money.

Today, we have a better way.

Bitcoin is the closet thing we've ever had to a perfect savings technology. And it's the best performing asset of the last decade, maybe ever.

Fixed Supply

There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin.


No one controls bitcoin. It is an open source and decentralized protocol native to the internet.


Bitcoin is not only the king of cryptocurrency, it is one of the largest assets in the world.

Inflation Hedge

More than an inflation hedge, Bitcoin may prove to be the solution to inflation.

Global Reserve Asset

Bitcoin has potential to become the next global reserve asset.

Buy Bitcoin with Beaver

Fast delivery

Buy bitcoin with etransfer and receive it to your wallet in minutes

Easy for beginners

A simple interface makes buying bitcoin a breeze

Low fee

Our bitcoin price is among the best and our fee is a low 1.5% →

Customer Support

Beaver offers personal support to every customer →


Bitcoin is delivered to your own Bitcoin wallet address

Beaver Plaid

Make larger bitcoin purchases seamlessly. Meet with us →

Quick sign up

Verify your new account in no time. Buy bitcoin today


Guides for buying bitcoin and creating your first Bitcoin wallet

What can you do with Bitcoin?

Secure it in a Bitcoin wallet

It’s important to secure your bitcoin in your own Bitcoin wallet.

Hold it as a long term investment or savings

Bitcoin has averaged a 183% annual return since 2014, consistently rewarding long term holders.

Accumulate more

Add to your bitcoin savings over time.

Stay humble

Bitcoin is notoriously impossible to predict. Attempting to trade or time the market is often a losing game.

Talk about it

Running through the streets yelling “There is no second best!” is a great way to make friends.


Really though, forget about trading and price charts and market cycles. Take a long time horizon and add to your Bitcoin savings over time.

Let's talk about Bitcoin

Our Bitcoin Price

The current price to buy Bitcoin in Canadian dollars is $0 on Beaver.

Dedicated customer support

Our Help Center is full of guides and answers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll respond right away.

Make a Large Bitcoin Purchase

Beaver Plaid is for individuals and businesses making larger bitcoin purchases.

Concierge OTC
Institutional liquidity

Your Bitcoin questions answered

Do you have general questions about Bitcoin? Schedule a free call with a Bitcoin advisor.

Buying Bitcoin FAQs

How much is one bitcoin worth?

The price of 1 bitcoin in Canada as of today, June 13, 2024 is CA$

What is dollar cost averaging (DCA)?

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is a strategy to invest in volatile assets like Bitcoin by making regular purchases over time. This approach helps you buy at various price levels, which can reduce the impact of market fluctuations on your investment.

Can I buy $100 worth of bitcoin?

Yes, Bitcoin is divisible to eight decimal places. Right now, CA$100 would buy 0 worth of bitcoin.

How long does a Recurring Buy with Beaver take?

How long does a Recurring Buy with Beaver take? A Recurring Buy with Beaver means you are buying bitcoin weekly or every seven days. From the time your bank account is debited to the time you receive your bitcoin will be approximately seven days, then the process repeats. Learn more.

Is there a fee?

Our Bitcoin price is among the best in Canada while offering a low 1.5% fee for all bitcoin buys.

What is the market cap of bitcoin?

That total market cap of Bitcoin as of today, June 13, 2024 is USD. This represents the number of bitcoins in circulation multiplied by the current market price.

Should I buy bitcoin now?

When you decide to buy bitcoin is personal decision to base off your own research, conviction, risk tolerance and time horizon. Buying a small amount of bitcoin is a great way to learn more about how bitcoin works.

I’d rather make a quick bitcoin purchase.

No problem! Learn more about making Instant Buys or Large Buys with us by following the links