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We’re on a mission to fix the money

Turning Canadian dollars from your bank account to bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet

Fix the money, fix the world.

Bitcoin is the best form of money the world has ever seen.

With a fixed supply of 21 million coins, Bitcoin is more scarce than gold, yet can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world near instantly. As an open-source and decentralized protocol native to the internet, Bitcoin is immune to the whims of governments and central banks.

In the past, people have used homes, stocks, bonds and even art to save money.

Today, we have a better way.

Bitcoin is the closet thing we've ever had to a perfect savings technology. And it's the best performing asset of the last decade, maybe ever.

$1.65 trillion
Bitcoin Market Cap
$14.8 trillion
Annual Settlement Volume (2022)
5 Year Percentage Increase
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Beaver Bitcoin Reviews

It just works

I love everything about Beaver Bitcoin, from its super simple UI, clear e-transfer process, straightforward KYC experience and transparent fees. Happy to recommend it to my family and friends.

The Perfect Platform for Bitcoin Savers

Love this platform! Very simple and exactly what I’m looking for - an easy place to smash buy bitcoin whenever I want, without having to manually deposit or withdraw my funds. It’s all one seamless transfer.

Easiest non-custodial Bitcoin only exchange

Smooth on-boarding, simple, easy to use UI, fair fees, good pricing. Beaver Bitcoin is the straight forward way for Canadians to stack sats the right way, in a non-custodial manner. Beaver Bitcoin is by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners. Highly recommend.

A great way to self custody and DCA for Canadians

Seamless process and encourages self custody. No shitcoins. Excellent customer service. Easy and simple to use even for beginners.

A simple and safe way to buy bitcoin

Excellent service and honest to a fault which is a rare trait in the crypto space. I can’t say enough positive things about this service.

100% Recommended

I've had a great experience with Beaver Bitcoin. The staff was there to help with any questions I had and even set up a custom withdrawal plan for my Mom and I. If you are looking for a set-it-and-forget-it DCA system give them a go.

The Easiest Recurring Bitcoin Buy In Canada

Beaver is non-custodial. Meaning when you send them money, they send bitcoin directly to your Bitcoin wallet. There is never an IOU. It is simple and easy to use.

DCA BTC + Self Custody = Win!

I had been looking for a way to dollar cost average (DCA) buy bitcoin (BTC) to a self-custodied wallet, with funds withdrawn automatically from my Canadian bank account for years. The team at Beaver Bitcoin made this straightforward and frictionless.

First time buying Bitcoin

GREAT service, prompt and deliberate. Fantastic way to get your Bitcoin, especially for first timers!

I prefer Beaver

Love Beaver Bitcoin! Takes less than 2 minutes to set up, and every single buy was smooth. Self storage. Recurring is easy too. Great team.

Great Canadian Bitcoin exchange

I’m so glad there are solid Canadian bitcoin only exchanges available. Great finding options and good customer service.

Great Non Custodial Service

I like that it’s a non custodial service. Easy to use and great for DCA’ing.

Making buying bitcoin a breeze

Beaver Bitcoin stands out for its minimalist design and very straight forward UI that makes the process of buying bitcoin and taking custody a breeze. Simply use e-transfer to send fiat to beaver and it sends bitcoin to an address you control - and its all done in minutes.

A better way to buy Bitcoin

Fast delivery

Buy bitcoin with etransfer and receive it to your wallet in minutes

Easy for beginners

A simple interface makes buying bitcoin a breeze

Low fee

Our bitcoin price is among the best and our fee is a low 1.5% →

Customer Support

Beaver offers personal support to every customer →


Bitcoin is delivered to your own Bitcoin wallet address

Beaver Plaid

Make larger bitcoin purchases seamlessly. Meet with us →

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Guides for buying bitcoin and creating your first Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin Community

Community 🇨🇦

Beaver is proud to support the Bitcoin community in Canada. We work with companies and creators who share an inspired vision of the future charged by a return to sound money. Some of our partners, past and present, include:

The Pleb Reporter
The Canadian Bitcoin Conference
Andrew Throuvalas
Julian Figueroa
BTC VanCity Meetup
Cole Goodwin

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Beaver Plaid is for individuals and businesses making larger bitcoin purchases.

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